Exercise and Cancer

Exercise has numerous benefits for cancer patients as well as individuals who simply want to lower their cancer risk. Research indicates that people who exercise three times a week significantly decrease cancer recurrence anywhere from 25 to 61 percent, depending on the type of cancer. Other possible benefits include:

  • Less fatigue
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Fewer sleep disturbances
  • Decreased memory loss during treatment
  • Reduction in chemotherapy-induced nausea
  • Decreased shortness of breath
  • Fewer lingering effects of disease and treatment
  • Drop in insulin levels
  • Amelioration of sexual dysfunction
  • Increased recovery of function
  • Improved body composition
  • Improved health during and after cancer treatment

Continuing the Benefits

At the conclusion of your rehabilitation program, you may wish to continue your exercise programs, with the support of our professional team. It’s important to continue exercising to maintain the health benefits achieved during your formal therapy. The aftercare program offers patients the opportunity to participate in a supervised exercise program, with the staff and resources of our rehabilitation center.

Patients receive a program orientation and coaching on proper exercise form, repetition and progression; how to use the exercise machines; a log to record their exercise sessions; and a program participant T-shirt.

Program participants may use the gym facility and equipment during business hours, and have continued access to therapy staff for support and guidance.