Special Procedures - Epidural

Anesthesia will be provided as requested or indicated for your labor and delivery. Epidurals are available for normal vaginal deliveries or cesarean sections, but certain requirements must first be met – preferably before the seventh month of pregnancy. Those requirements are:

  • View the Epidural Film: You can watch this film and complete the Anesthesia Patient Information Form at the Baptist Birth Experience class or by making a reservation to view the video at The Core at Healthy Lives. Please register by calling 850.434.4567. Your physician or midwife also may have a copy of the film that you can view at his or her office.
  • Read and Complete Anesthesia Paperwork. Once the paperwork is completed you can turn it in at the Baptist Birth Experience class, at the Baptist Women’s Center or submit via mail to:
    Baptist Women’s Center
    Baptist Hospital
    1000 West Moreno Street, Pensacola, FL 32501.