Are you at Risk?

Many factors put people at risk for stroke. Some of these are controllable, such as high blood pressure, diet and smoking. These factors can be reduced by making lifestyle changes. Some risk factors, however, such as heredity and age are beyond a person's control.

To find out your risk for stroke, select the appropriate response for each question. Your total score and an explanation of its meaning will appear after clicking the 'Find Your Score' button at the end of the assessment.

   Your Risk Score Is: 

By taking this risk assessment, you have made the first step toward eliminating this life-threatening disease! Below are your results. Please take time to review the information carefully and follow up with your physician as recommended. Based on the information that you provided, your risk for developing a stroke falls into one of the following categories:

Score Range Risk Level We recommend consulting your doctor...
0 - 5LOW-at your next scheduled visit
6 - 16MODERATE-within the next three months
17 - 44HIGH-as soon as feasible

 •   If you indicated that you were a smoker, please consider quitting.
 •  If you indicated that you were physically inactive, please consider an exercise routine.
 •  If you indicated that you were overweight, please consider a weight loss program.

We encourage you to share this information with your physician. If you do not have a physician, or are seeking a new physician, Baptist Medical Group is available to assist you. You can reach HealthSource at 850.434.4080 or online, at

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Previous Stroke


Previous Mini-Stroke/TIA


Carotid Artery Disease


Other Artery Disease


High Blood Pressure (current or history of)


Previous Heart Attack


Heart Disease


Atrial Fibrillation


Heart Surgery




High Blood Cholesterol (current or history of)


Blood Disorders (high red blood cell count, Sickle Cell)


Current Smoker


Former Smoker


Alcohol Consumption


Use of Illegal Drugs


Physically Inactive