Mental Health Insurance Plans

To determine which company administers the mental health services portion of your benefits, the patient or the referring physician’s office should first contact the medical insurance plan and inquire regarding the mental health benefit administrator. Baptist Hospital’s Behavioral Medicine Center has contracts with the following mental health insurance plans to provide hospital services. If you have other questions, call Customer Service at 850.469.2000 or email .

If Baptist Health Care does not have a contract with your mental health benefit administrator, Baptist is willing to negotiate individual Letters of Agreement for your particular stay if the benefit administrator is willing to do so as well.

Legend of locations

  • BH
    Baptist Hospital
  • GBH
    Gulf Breeze Hospital
  • JH
    Jay Hospital
  • UC
    Baptist Urgent Care Nine Mile Road
  • BMH
    Baptist Behavioral Medicine Hospital
  • BPA
    Baptist Hospitalist Physicians
  • BMG
    Baptist Medical Group
  • CC
    Cardiology Consultants
  • BPG
    Baptist Physician Group - Andrews Institute
    Andrews Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center
    Baptist Medical Park Surgery Center

Access Behavioral Health
Mental Health: BMH

Aetna, Inc
Mental Health: BMH

Mental Health: BMH

Choice Care PPO (a Humana Network)
Mental Health: BMH

Clear Health Alliance Medicaid through PsychCare/Beacon Health Options
Mental Health: BMH

Coventry National Networks
Mental Health: BMH

Mental Health: BMH

Mental Health: BMH

Humana Commercial/PFFS through Humana Behavioral Health
Mental Health: BMH

Humana Medicare PPO/HMO through PsychCare/Beacon
Mental Health: BMH

Humana Military (TriCare beneficiaries, Commercial and Medicare Advantage)
Mental Health: BMH

New Directions (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida and Alabama HMO/PPO)
Mental Health: BMH

Mental Health: BMH

United Behavioral Health through United Health Care
Mental Health: BMH

Value Options/Beacon Health Options for non-Tricare beneficiaries (Commercial non-HMO & FL Medicare Advantage)
Mental Health: BMH