Exploring 'Less is More'

Gulf Coast Healthy Living Magazine Volume 5, Issue 4 - Baptist Health Care

Will this year bring you more? More love, more health, more happiness?

Image of the Watchman

What if the path to more is less?

A friend recently shared a challenge with me that I instantly could not stop thinking about. Seven: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, written by Jen Hatmaker, had me at “experimental.” I do not believe in one-size-fits-all-ever! This is a book you can read and make your own.

The premise is this: Hatmaker was clued in to the hidden extravagance of her life when she hosted hurricane victims who pointed out just how much she and her family had. Always thought to be unmotivated by wealth, the honest assessment by a child who had lost everything made Hatmaker reassess the way she and her family were living. Her conclusion – much of what she possessed simply wasn’t necessary or even beneficial to her family or the world. She came up with a plan to simplify in seven areas over a set period of time.

A happy guinea pig always ready to try out a new health and wellness experiment, I took the plunge. Here’s how I’m approaching the seven areas in an attempt to simplify. Tailor my suggestions to your life and join me in the fun!

1. Food - Can I eat only seven foods for a week?
From a nutritional standpoint, we promote diversity, urging people to “eat the rainbow” of colorful vegetables, but some research has shown that a predictable routine helps people stay on a healthy eating course. Do you eat the same oatmeal breakfast everyday Monday to Friday? I do. It might not be exciting, but my shopping is fast and I save the time, money and calories for celebrations. I also don’t have to wonder what I’m going to do about preparing a healthy breakfast each day. I already know!
2. Clothes - Is it possible to wear only seven pieces of clothing?
I often miss my school uniform days when my mornings were much less stressful because I knew exactly what I was going to wear. Steve Jobs was known for his daily black shirt and jeans. Save money and time, and there is something sophisticated about dressing simply and consistently.

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