Dr. Hackel, Senior Health

Gulf Coast Healthy Living Magazine Volume 4, Issue 3 - Baptist Medical Group

Dr. Hackel.

Continuity of care from the hospital to a nursing facility and then back to one’s home is essential to the healing and recovery process. A post-acute, long-term care (LTC) geriatrician cares for patients when they transition from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility or other skilled nursing facility. This is a growing area of medical practice that raises the bar on patient care and has been shown to reduce common problems that occur due to an extended illness, like urinary tract infections and pneumonia. Andrea Hackel, M.D., is a post-acute, LTC geriatrician and a new addition to the Baptist Medical Group – Senior Health team. She joins Baptist Medical Group after serving the Pensacola area for more than 20 years in hospital senior health services.

To learn about Dr Hackel and Senior health visit baptistmedicalgroup.org or call 850.437.8600

A Conversation with Dr. Hackel

What led you to choose your focus of medicine?
I found my niche in geriatrics because I believe wisdom usually comes from experience. It is a privilege to have the elderly share their wealth of diverse experiences with me.
What about your line of work do you find most rewarding and why?
Senior citizens are a heterogeneous and challenging group. The frailest among them develop multiple illnesses requiring multiple medications, and the resulting complex interactions require a thorough and careful approach. The more challenging the problem, the greater the satisfaction in finding solutions.
Do you have any specific medical interests?
Dementia, osteoporosis, syncope and cardiovascular disease.
What do you find most encouraging about the work you do?
I feel I make the greatest impact when I educate, and thus empower a patient or the family, to make good health care choices.