Adoption or Retirement: Why Not Both?

Gulf Coast Healthy Living Magazine Volume 4, Issue 3 - Lakeview Center

Throughout our adult lives, we try to time milestones such as when to start a family and when to start easing into retirement. One couple synchronized both aspirations, and today they are having the time of their lives.

At ages 55 and 54, Roger and Yoly Knight have been married for 32 years and have taken a break from their professional pursuits. They are semi-retired, but still manage part-time work schedules that give them far more flexibility with their time. They filled that time by adopting a group of five siblings, ranging from ages 1 to 7. Yoly sums up their decision in simplistic terms: “We’re not trying to move up in our careers. We aren’t materialistic. We wanted children. We love giving.” Roger went on to say how it’s enriched their lives. ”We’ve found the fountain of youth,” he said.

Image of roger and yoly's family' We thought we were the ones giving back, but these kids fulfill us so much.

Time and money always are considerations when thinking about adopting, but the Knights didn’t find those factors overwhelming. Semi-retirement has provided more time for the couple, and they learned about many other benefits for adopting a child or children from the foster care system:

  • Pre-service adoption preparation training and postplacement supervision and support for adoptive families.
  • Financial assistance is available for adoption finalization expenses.
  • Each child is eligible for a monthly subsidy of $417 until he or she reaches age 18.
  • Each child receives Medicaid until age 18.
  • Adopted children are eligible for a college tuition waiver.
  • Adoptive parents may be eligible for a one-time Federal Tax Credit of approximately $13,000 per child.

Most importantly, all five children are thriving in their new home. “These kids are smart. All they needed was for someone to pay attention to them,” said Roger. “We thought we were the ones giving back, but these kids fulfill us so much.”

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