A Puzzling Stroke

Gulf Coast Healthy Living Magazine Volume 5, Issue 2 - Baptist Health Care

Lori's Story

Image of Lori and Candy

September 29, 2010 was a “weird” day to say the least for Lori McMillion, administrative assistant in the Baptist Health Care Marketing Department. Even though she was following her normal routine, the morning seemed to get away from her. She was slower than usual and struggled to find her keys to lock the door. After realizing they had been in her hands all along, she got to work about 20 minutes late.

A little forgetfulness and slow movement in the morning may be normal for some people, but for Lori, who was 43 at the time, it was unusual. Once she got to her desk, she began to log in to her computer, but she couldn’t remember her password and couldn’t find it on her password “cheat sheet.”

“It was very frustrating,” Lori explained. “I knew what I needed and I knew it was there, but I just could not find it.”

After an unsuccessful search, she went to her coworker, Candy McGuyre. While explaining to her about forgetting her password, Candy stopped Lori because she was slurring her words. Candy calmly talked to Lori and asked her to read out loud from a piece of paper, which she was not able to do. In a matter of seconds Lori was unable to speak at all. As panic started to set in, and Lori tried to “shake it off”, Candy quickly made the decision to take her to the Baptist Hospital Emergency Department (ED).

After she was taken to a bed in the ED and her sister arrived, everything seemed to move fast. All Lori could communicate to her sister was “scared.” That was the last word Lori said for three weeks. She’d had a stroke.

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