A New Breed of Surgeon

Gulf Coast Healthy Living Magazine Volume 5, Issue 1 - Baptist Medical Group

Image of Surgeons at Baptist Health Care


Brash and bold, the surgeon swoops in to work magic in the operating room but has little to do with preparing the patient for surgery or recovery. If you think of a surgeon as the elusive member of the care team, you need to meet the general surgeons of Baptist Medical Group (BMG) who enjoy taking the time to listen and get to know their patients before and after surgery.

“Doctor in Latin means teacher,” says Beau Aldridge, M.D., a BMG general surgeon specializing in minimally invasive and robotic surgery. “I like to take the time to demystify medicine for my patients and make sure they understand what’s happening to them. Knowledge diminishes fear, and it also allows the patient to be a part of the decision making process.”

It’s this kind of compassion along with the ability to work closely with their colleagues at Baptist Health Care that defines the BMG Surgery team. The fact that they are in daily contact with many of the physicians, radiologists, oncologists, anesthesiologists and other members of the care team gives the surgeons a deeper and more immediate understanding of a patient’s unique situation.

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