As we approach the end of another school year, it’s a good time to take a look at how our children are performing emotionally, physically and mentally. If upon reflection, you see that your child has gotten one too many notes home or if you’ve seen significant changes in your child’s behavior, it may be time to seek help. Fortunately, there are numerous options in our area that are available to you and your family.

Child in jeans sitting.

Start with your child’s teachers. Quite often issues can be resolved through parent/teacher conferences. If further assessment is needed the school counselor or an independent practitioner may be called in to administer tests. The results of these assessments will determine what options are most suitable to your child’s needs. Options are wide-ranging and include special education classes, individual or group counseling and residential programs. The goal of these services is to help your child thrive in a normal school setting.

A child may stumble due to a variety of issues. A drastic change within the home such as death or divorce may be causing significant concern. Behavioral changes may be chemical in nature and require psychiatric care. No matter what is troubling your child, an evaluation never hurts and can catch a problem before it develops into something more severe.

Signs That a Child May Benefit from an Evaluation:

  • Changes in sleeping and eating habits.
  • Loss of interest in enjoyable activities.
  • Increased behavioral issues at school.
  • A sudden drop in grades.
  • Acting out.
  • Hanging out with a new crowd.
  • Withdrawal from family and/or friends.
  • Difficulty adjusting to a change in environment.

Services offered by Lakeview Center include but are not limited to:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Psychiatric services
  • Residential services
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Mental health counseling
  • Case management
  • Wrap program ( in-home services)
  • School Day Support
  • After School Activity Program

Whether your child is struggling with ADHD or is having difficulty coping with a major life change, Lakeview Center’s Children’s Behavioral Health Services provides a variety of options for children needing help in Escambia County. Lakeview Center also accepts insurance and offers sliding scale fees for those without insurance.