Matters of the Heart:

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Gulf Coast Healthy Living Magazine Volume 4, Issue 1 - Heart

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Part of providing excellent care to a community is ensuring that health care keeps up with lifesaving innovations. Baptist Health Care strives to bring the latest advancements in technology and technique to the care it provides patients.

As the area’s leader in heart and vascular care, virtually every new innovative procedure in heart care has been pioneered locally by a member of Baptist Health Care’s heart and vascular physician team. One of the latest such innovations only at Baptist is transcatheter aortic valve replacement, or TAVR – a procedure that is saving the lives in our Gulf Coast community.

"Aortic stenosis is a life-threatening heart condition,” said F. James Fleischhauer, M.D., FACC, interventional cardiologist, Baptist Heart & Vascular Institute and Cardiology Consultants. “Aortic valve stenosis occurs when the heart's aortic valve is obstructed causing the heart to work harder to pump blood throughout the body. Symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness and chest pain. In the past, the only treatment for severe aortic valve stenosis was open-heart surgery. However, a new option, the minimally invasive, TAVR procedure is making treatment possible for high-risk patients who are not good candidates for open-heart surgery.

...the minimally invasive TAVR procedure is making treatment possible for high-risk patients who are not good candidates for open-heart surgery.

Baptist Heart & Vascular Institute in Pensacola is the only provider in the area to offer the TAVR procedure.

"The TAVR procedure is performed by a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled interventional cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons who have undergone specific TAVR training,” said Dr. Fleischhauer. “Through this procedure, patients who suffer from severe aortic stenosis have a better chance of living longer."

Baptist is the Only Provider in the Region Offering:

  • Transcatheter aortic valve replacement TAVR)
  • Robotic Lung Surgery
  • Cryoballoon technology for atrial fibrillation
  • Platinum awarded heart attack care from the American College of Cardiologists
  • Most experienced in treatments for structural heart disease and congenital heart defects
  • Most experience heart rhythm care team
  • More minimally invasive or non-surgical options
  • A team of physicians who are leaders in bringing cardiovascular innovations and medical firsts to region