Picture of Ashley Askew, M.D.

When you’re selecting a pediatrician for your child, of course you want someone who has a natural ability to work with and understand children. However, you also want a pediatrician who is able to see things from the parent’s point of view and able to effectively communicate with the entire family. “Compassionate” is an important key word to keep in mind.

Ashley Askew, M.D., Baptist Medical Group Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, is compassion personified. From her early days in residency, it was clear how important her ability to connect with parents would be to the way she provided care to her smallest patients.

"During residency I took care of a very sick newborn whose outcome was uncertain. I will never forget what I learned while caring for this child and his family during those early days of his life. I was later able to meet this infant who had become a happy, healthy toddler with a bright future ahead."

What Dr. Askew Knows For Sure

Honest and open communication is important. I welcome and encourage my patients to ask questions. I understand that each person is unique and has different perspectives and philosophies regarding their health and medical care.

Building long-term relationships is crucial to the care a physician provides a patient. As an internal medicine and pediatric physician, I’m fortunate to be in a position to provide care throughout a patient’s life.

Patients need to feel confident about their medical care and feel they’re treated with compassion and respect. I want them to know that their health and safety are my top priority.