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The Summit Group offers a variety of services.
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Services Provided

  • Medication Management: Medication Management evaluates the client's response to medications and monitors the client's symptoms. Usually a 15-minute appointment.

  • Psychiatric Evaluations: A thorough evaluation is done to diagnose any mental illness and to determine if treatment with medications would be helpful for the client. Usually an hour-long appointment.

  • Addictions Treatment: If clients have an opiate addiction they are given an evaluation to determine if they would benefit from using medication. A certified medical adddictionologist is on staff to treat people addicted to prescription painkillers with a relatively new, but highly effective, medication known as Suboxone (buprenorphine). The clients are then provided with monthly monitoring by the physician.

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For more information on addictions treatment visit The Friary .

  • Psychological Assessments: Psychological assessment may be provided as recommended by the psychiatrist to assist with differential diagnosis and treatment planning.

  • Individual Therapy: Cognitive behavioral and solution-focused approaches will be used to assist clients with symptom management, goal setting and recovery planning.

  • Couples and Family Therapy: Therapeutic approaches will be used to assist families and couples with relationship development skills and conflict resolution strategies.

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