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Residential (Adult)

Lakeview Center offers a variety of residential programs to meet the needs of people with serious and persistent mental illness and those who are dually diagnosed with concurrent mental health and substance abuse issues. The adult residential program uses a system that allows clients to progress to greater levels of personal responsibility, independence and living skills

Lakeview Lodges
Lakeview Lodges provides a highly structured, therapeutic living environment for adults 18 or older who have severe mental illness or mental illness with a history of drug and alcohol abuse. The goal is to help clients progress so that they can move to a less restrictive community setting.

Lakeview Place
Lakeview Place provides intensive structure and support to adults who continue to have symptoms of mental disorders although they no longer require a secured setting. Its goal is to further stabilize such residents so that they can progress to a less restrictive setting.

Lakeview Villa
Lakeview Villa is the highest level and least restrictive of residential housing on the Lakeview Center campus. Its goal is to help residents maintain community living and self-sufficiency skills with minimal staff support.

Supported Independent Living
This program provides long-term housing and supportive services to people with severe and persistent mental illness who meet federal criteria for homelessness. Many of those served also are diagnosed with co-occurring substance use disorders. Clients are placed in apartments throughout the community and receive services that enable them to live independently. Those services include help managing their medications, money and households. Clients also are linked with day treatment and psychiatric support services.

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