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Opiate Treatment Program

This program uses both chemical and behavioral treatments for adults who are dependent upon pain medications and other opiates. Our medical services focus on the physical aspects of addiction, and our behavioral services promote attitudes and skills necessary for a lifestyle free from drug dependency and problems related to it.

Suboxone Clinic
People addicted to prescription pain killers and other opium-derived drugs undergo an evaluation to determine whether they would benefit from a relatively new, but highly effective, medication known as Suboxone (buprenorphine). Monthly monitoring is provided by a physician certified as a medical addictionologist.

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Methadone Clinic
With locations in both Pensacola and Shalimar, this program uses methadone to address the physical aspects of addiction to opium-derived drugs, including prescription pain medications and street drugs such as heroin. The use of methadone is an important adjunct to counseling. It reduces the risk for diseases such as hepatitis and HIV, which are associated with continued IV drug use. The duration of methadone treatment is determined by state and federal regulations, the program's admission and discharge criteria, and individual needs. Continued counseling is recommended for at least one year following methadone detoxification. This provides support to help clients remain drug-free and avoid relapse.

The Friary
Located near Gulf Breeze, FL., The Friary is a residential and outpatient treatment facility for people with alcohol and drug dependencies. By addressing multiple aspects of addiction, The Friary helps its clients develop strengths and skills necessary for recovery. Services are provided in a caring and supportive environment using treatment methods that have been proven to be effective. Once a retreat for retired Franciscan friars, The Friary's tranquil setting on beautiful Escambia Bay is ideal for those beginning the recovery process.

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