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Learn about Lakeview Center's Behavioral Health Services.
photo: Young man with special needs

Intellectual Disabilities

These specialized Lakeview Center services focus on enhancing independence and quality of life for people who have challenges and limited capacity due developmental issues. Services center on building skills and supports for individuals and their families.

CHIPS (Changing Horizons through Innovative Parenting Systems) is a Medicaid-funded program that provides intensive treatment services to children with emotional disturbances. CHIPS is intended as a short-term therapeutic placement giving children six to twelve months of therapeutic services in a foster home setting.

CIRCLE (Therapuetic Foster Care) is a therapeutic foster care program funded by the Medicaid Waiver Program. The program serves both children and adults with intellectual disabilities and mental illnesses whose behavior interferes with their family living, educational and vocational activities.

Supported Living
This program provides people with intellectual disabilities with supports and training necessary to enable them to live independently in their own residences. Supported living coaches offer guidance in areas such as household management, meal preparation, shopping, self-care, public transportation, etc. When necessary, in-home support may be provided. Emergency assistance is available 24 hours a day to all Supported Living clients.

MATRIX is a short-term, specialized program funded by FamiliesFirst Network. It provides the means for foster children to receive individualized care while waiting to enter a more intensive therapeutic foster home setting such as those provided by CIRCLE or CHIPS.

Court Liaison
These services work with the court system to advocate for and restore competency to people with intellectual disabilities who have involvement with the criminal justice system.

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